ZI Friday Funding Monthly Digest: Four New ZI "Kangaroos"

V. Zhuravleva and A. Uhimov
July 22, 2022
ZI Friday Funding Monthly Digest: Four New ZI "Kangaroos" July 22, 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Pre-Award and Research Development

July 22, 2022 

News and Updates

Congratulations, Drs. Vivek Athalye, Marcela Carmona, Justin O'Hare, and Erdem Varol! 

 Four of our ZI postdocs received NIH K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Awards!

Nicknamed "Kangaroo" (K-R00), this training award provides funding to cover the final ~2 years of mentored postdoctoral training and 3 years to start up an independent lab.

Join us at the Postdoc Orientation Social Hour!

The Scientific Programs Team Presents the Summer Postdoc Orientation Social Hour, and we will be there to welcome new postdocs to ZI! Come join us to meet our new scientists.

TODAY: Friday, July 22, 4:00-5:00pm, 9th Floor terrace

Weekly Office Hours

Every Thursday, 2:00-3:00 pm:

Meet the team and ask any questions during office hours on Thursdays from 2:00 - 3:00 pm.

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Congratulations to our recent award recipients!

June 17, 2022 - July 22, 2022

Graduate Student Awards

Camila Demaestri: NIH/NIMH F31 "Mechanisms of sex selective enhancement of threat anticipation following early life adversity" (Bath Lab)
Elizabeth Pekarskaya: NIH/NINDS F31 "The role of habenular hyperactivity in the action of tianeptine, a novel treatment for neuropathic pain" (Javitch Lab)
Michelle Stackmann: NIH Blueprint and BRAIN Initiative D-SPAN Scholars F99/K00 "Generation of a dual transgenic/viral system to characterize multiple engrams in a single mouse" (Denny Lab)

Postdoc Awards

Vivek Athalye: NIH/NINDS K99/R00 "Connectivity principles underlying network dynamics and learning" (Costa Lab)
Marcela Carmona: NIH BRAIN Initiative K99/R00 "Dissection of Cell Type Specific Contributions to Motor Learning Circuits" (Costa Lab)
Justin O'Hare: NIH BRAIN Initiative K99/R00 "Defining the circuit, synaptic, and molecular mechanisms linking intracellular Ca2+ release to learning using subcellularly-targeted manipulations and imaging techniques in dendrites in vivo" (Polleux & Losonczy Labs)
Erdem Varol: NIH/NIMH K99/R00 "Transcriptional basis of stereotyped neural architectures" (Paninski Lab)
Cynthia Steinhardt: Simons Society of Fellows Junior Fellow Award (Churchland Lab)
Andre Toussaint: Simons Society of Fellows Junior Fellow Award (Abdus-Saboor Lab)
Lynn Yap: Simons Society of Fellows Junior Fellow Award (Axel Lab)

Early Stage Investigator Awards

Rudy Behnia & Ashok Litwin-Kumar: BRAIN Initiative Targeted BRAIN Circuits Planning Project R34 "Neural circuit mechanisms for multisensory associative learning"

Established Investigator Awards

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte: NIH BRAIN Initiative Targeted BRAIN Circuits Project RF1 "Revealing the mechanisms of primate face recognition with synthetic stimulus sets optimized to compare computational models"
Nate Sawtell & Rudy Leibel: NIH/NIDDK R01"Neuroanatomic and Functional Characterization of Cerebellar Circuits Mediating Ingestive Behaviors"

Upcoming funding opportunities

Team Grants

Want to write a huge grant? Come talk to us about planning and executing team grant applications. Schedule a meeting with our team here!

New/Highlighted Team Grant Opportunities

  1. Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Dynamic Imaging: Challenge grants in the field of Dynamic Imaging - aims to advance technology directed at real-time visualization of biological processes at the level of cells and molecules. August 23
  2. Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Single-Cell Biology Data Insights: For 18-month projects focused on advancing tools and resources that make it possible to gain greater insights into health and disease from single-cell biology datasets. August 25
  3. Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Advancing Imaging Through Collaborative Projects: Two-year grants to support collaborative projects aimed at accelerating the dissemination and adoption of imaging technologies, methods, platforms, or training resources. The Coordinating PI must be an Imaging Scientist. September 8
  4. BRAIN Initiative U19: Team-Research BRAIN Circuit Programs - TeamBCP. For integrated, interdisciplinary research teams that focus on examining dynamic circuit functions related to behavior, using advanced and innovative technologies. September 16
  5. NINDS Interdisciplinary Team Science RM1: Integrated team effort from 3-6 PD/PIs who will each bring a distinct scientific viewpoint or expertise necessary to pursue the interdisciplinary approach. October 1

Established Investigators (view full list on our website)

New/Highlighted Funding Opportunities

  1. BRAIN Initiative R01: Targeted BRAIN Circuits Projects - TargetedBCP. October 6, June 30
  2. BRAIN Initiative R34: Targeted BRAIN Circuits Planning Projects TargetedBCPP. October 5, June 30
  3. BRAIN Initiative R01: Integration and Analysis of BRAIN Initiative Data: October 14; June 9
  4. NIH R01/R21 - Special Interest: Neuro-Glia Mechanisms Governing Complex Behaviors. Must submit through an existing R01 or R21 funding opportunity (list at bottom of NOSI announcement). Deadline varies by funding opportunity.

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

  1. NIH Parent R01: New: October 5, February 5, June 5; Renewal/Resubmission: 
    November 5, March 5, July 5
  2. NIMH Basic Neurodevelopmental Biology of Circuits and Behavior - R01/R21: R01: October 5, February 5, June 5. R21: October 16, February 16, June 16
  3. NIMH Temporal Dynamics of Coordinated Neural Activity - R01/R21: R01October 5, February 5, June 5. R21October 16, February 16, June 16
  4. NIH Parent R21: New: October 16, February 16, June 16; Renewal/Resubmission: November 16, March 16, July 16
  5. NIH Diversity Supplement: Salary/stipend support for trainees at all career stages. Deadline varies by funding agency. (Quarterly, monthly, rolling)

Early Career Investigators (view full list and timeline on our website)

  1. NSF CAREER (Faculty Early Career Development) Program: U.S. citizen/national; can apply a maximum of 3 times. July 25
  2. Beckman Young Investigator Program: U.S. citizen/permanent resident; within first 4 years of tenure-track position. Letter of Intent: August 1
  3. Rita Allen Scholars: In first 3 years of tenure-track position. Limited submission - Internal application due: 9:00am, August 1
  4. NIH Directors New Innovator Award Program (DP2): must have ESI status; for highly innovative research projects with the potential to produce a major impact on broad, important areas relevant to the mission of NIH. August 19
  5. Sloan Research Fellowships: must be tenure-track but not tenured; must have a teaching obligation with faculty position; must have a letter of nomination from department head or other senior researcher. September 15
  6. Moore Inventor Fellowship: No more than 10 years since terminal degree received. Internal application for nomination. Call for submissions expected: Early-Mid September. Internal application expected deadline: Early-Mid October

Post-Docs (view full list and timeline on our website)

  1. NIH F32 NRSA Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship

  2. NIH K99/R00 Pathway to Independence (1-2 years of postdoc + 3 years of faculty funding)

    • NIH K99/R00 BRAIN Initiative: Transition to faculty (1-2 years of postdoc + 3 years of faculty funding). 2nd - 5th year postdocs under-represented in sciences (all women included). October 11

    • NIH Parent K99/R00: Transition to faculty (1-2 years of postdoc + 3 years of faculty funding). International applicants eligible. 3rd - 4th year postdocs. New: October 12, February 12, June 12. Renewal/Resubmission: November 12, March 12, July 12

    • NIH K99/R00 MOSAIC: Transition to faculty. 2nd - 4th year postdocs under-represented in sciences. New: October 12, February 12, June 12. Renewal/Resubmission:  November 12, March 12, July 12

  3. NIH K01 Career Development Award

    • NIH/NINDS K01: 2nd - 4th year postdocs. New: October 12, February 12, June 12. Renewal/Resubmission: November 12, March 12, July 12

    • NIH Parent K01: 2nd - 5+ year postdocs. New: October 12, February 12, June 12; Renewal/Resubmission: November 12, March 12, July 12

  4. Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Awards at the Scientific Interface (CASI): for final 2 years of postdoc + 3 years of independent faculty position. Pre-proposal due: September 1

  5. Simons Foundation Junior Fellowship: **By nomination (ask your PI)**. At program start, must be more than ~2 years since finished Ph.D. September 15
  6. Life Sciences Research Foundation Postdoctoral Research Award: Must apply within 5 years of receiving Ph.D. or M.D. Post-doc must be in different lab than Ph.D. October 1
  7. NIH Diversity Supplement: Salary/stipend support. For all career stages. Deadline varies by funding agency. (Quarterly, monthly, rolling)
  8. NIH K- awards - Special Interest: NINDS mission relevant Pain Research. Must submit through an existing funding opportunity (list in NOSI announcement). Deadline varies by funding opportunity.

   *Check with us regarding eligibility window extensions for NIH grants

Graduate Students (view full list and timeline on our website)

  1. F31 or F31 Diversity NRSA: For U.S. citizens or permanent residents. August 8, December 8, April 8
  2. HHMI Gilliam Fellowship: Second or third year, or 2+ years left of Ph.D. Must be a U.S. citizen/permanent resident, or DACA recipient. Must be under-represented in the sciences (race, ethnicity, disability, HHMI EXROP alumni). **By university nomination only** Nominators likely notified: Early-Mid Aug; Internal application likely due: Early-Mid September
  3. NIH Diversity Supplement: Salary/stipend support. For all career stages. Deadline varies by funding agency. (Quarterly, monthly, rolling)