Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

Ph.D. Student Funding Opportunities

Ph.D. Basics Timeline: shows coursework, lab rotations and lab project work, and milestones such as NSF and F31 applications, and thesis committee meetings, from the beginning of the Ph.D. through the Defense.

Eligibility Windows of Common Funding Opportunities for Ph.D. Students in ZI Labs

Book a Service:

  • Funding SearchSchedule a meeting with Arthur and Tori about grant options at your career stage or questions about funding opportunities you are considering
  • Grant Kickoff Meeting: Upon request - a meeting with Arthur, Tori, and Maria or Tijana about a specific grant, to set up your Dropbox/Google Drive, receive a checklist, and plan your grant writing
  • Grant EditingBook a time for Tori to edit your grant. You can book this far ahead of time and send your documents at your editing time slot
  • Summary statement review + strategySet up a meeting with us to discuss the next steps after receiving your summary statement

Common Grants and Fellowships for Ph.D. Students in ZI Labs

Additional Funding Opportunities

Transition to Post-Doc: must know your postdoc lab for all of these fellowships

Transition to Faculty (skipping post-doc)