Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

Ph.D. Student Funding Opportunities

Eligibility Windows of Common Funding Opportunities for Ph.D. Students in ZI Labs

Book a Service:

  • Funding SearchSchedule a meeting with Arthur and Tori about grant options at your career stage or questions about funding opportunities you are considering
  • Grant Kickoff Meeting: Upon request - a meeting with Arthur, Tori, and Maria or Tijana about a specific grant, to set up your Dropbox/Google Drive, receive a checklist, and plan your grant writing
  • Grant EditingBook a time for Tori to edit your grant. You can book this far ahead of time and send your documents at your editing time slot
  • Summary statement review + strategySet up a meeting with us to discuss the next steps after receiving your summary statement

Common Grants and Fellowships for Ph.D. Students in ZI Labs

Additional Funding Opportunities

Transition to Post-Doc: must know your postdoc lab for all of these fellowships

Transition to Faculty (skipping post-doc)